Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation (by Jake)

I love going to school every day, but I also love staying home with mommy & daddy! We did a lot of fun things.

Mommy had to work on the first day of my vacation, so daddy took the day off to hang with me & we decided to go to the zoo! At first, I was all "um...dad, it's going to be COLD!" but then I remembered that my favorite things at the zoo, the penguins and fish, live inside.

Oh wait, check out this video of me saying hi to my penguins:

I got a little scared there at the end of the video, some big wave came down into the fish tank! Man, they should give a warning bell or something when that's about to happen.

When I woke up the next morning, it was a Christmas miracle....Nana, PopPop & Aunt Amy were at my house! They came while I was sleeping...sneaky little buggers they are.

On Christmas Eve, my BFF Ben came over and that was awesome. Mom did a whole post about it...we exchanged Chrismakah gifts and played all afternoon. I know we're dudes & all, but we're in touch with our feelings and I miss him!

The next week, it was time for a ROAD TRIP!! I always thought that road trips involved loud singing and eating a bunch of junk food and drinking slurpees, but really, I just read some books then fell asleep in my carseat. Bummer. Anyway, when I woke up, we were at my Great Aunt & Uncle's house and I got to play with my cousins...they liked to jump and run too, so we got along well.

A few days later, we met up with GG and went to a place called Lilliput Town Center...it was awesome! Everything was just my size and they had tons of stuff to play with and even a big slide to go down.

The rest of the week, it was FREEZING outside, so we basically just hung out at home and played with all of my new toys, which was fine by me. On Monday, it was back to the grind at school. I know mom was a little worried that I would have trouble adjusting after being gone from school so long, but I was excited, I had missed my friends and teachers! I ran right in & started playing.

I hope everyone had as nice of a Christmas vacation as I did!
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