Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Like a Rockstar

Well, ok, so maybe it wasn't so much a party as it was a small series of events put together to form a celebration of Jake's birthday, but still. We had a fun weekend and that's all that counts.

The festivities started earlier in the week when we received a box from Nana & PopPop...Daddy, er...Jake (yea, it was totally him) insisted that we open it that night, instead of waiting. He got some cool new clothes for his spring collection and a bike helmet!! And, Nana and Aunt Sharon made him a cape with a "J" on the back, which might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen. We must get pictures of him in the cape & helmet soon!!

Friday was Jake's actual birthday, so he went to school and got to bundle up and play outside in the snow. Later that night, he opened up some gifts from us (a puzzle, some books, a bucket of animals and a broom...we start 'em young around here with the household chores)

The next day, it was like a heatwave. You know, all of 45 degrees in January...cabin fever had set in weeks ago, so daddy & Jake took advantage of the weather and went to the park while mommy went grocery shopping.

That afternoon, the little shaggy boy was in dire need of a haircut. This would be his 4th cut...the first one went as to be expected (some crying, not too bad though), the 2nd one was about the same and the 3rd one was just painful, he cried and screamed the whole time. We needed a different tactic, our previous methods of trying to distract him with snacks were failing us.

I'm not above using bribery...but I had to think of something really good to bribe him with. Finally, I came up with a genius solution: a juice box. When he first realized where he was, he promptly threw himself to the floor in a fit of hysterics. But fear not, my friends....once he held that juice box in his little chubby hands, the hysteria subsided into a few hiccups and sobs and all was well. He walked out with a handsome haircut!

The birthday celebrations continued on Sunday, when GG & Pappy came up to celebrate! He got some more cute stuff, including a stepstool, clothes, a beanbag toss game, books, puzzles and a shopping cart!

After testing out all of the new toys, we enjoyed lunch, followed by FunFetti Cupcakes.

"Um...I was told there were going to be cupcakes? What's the hold up??"

Here's Pappy, probably thinking to himself that he was also promised a cupcake...

Make a wish!!

Yep, he's definitely my kid, look at that appreciation of the cupcake!

Gracie says, "Ok, I put this hat on, now where's MY cupcake??"

Thanks to everyone for all of the great gifts and happy birthday, Jake!!


JCHokie said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! I want a fun-fetti cupcake too!

Jeanna said...

Aww I was going to write on the nest to see how his bday was! I am glad he had such a great bday weekend! He is just as adorable as always-even though I still remember when you had him twoooo years ago! Wow!

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