Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Window Watching

As I was uploading pictures from last week, I realized that I have quite a few of Jake (and Gracie!) looking out the window, anxiously awaiting the return of daddy at the end of the day.

8.5 months old (check out that baby chub!)

9.5 months old (don't they look like they're on security patrol?)

11 months old (we ended up using this one for his birthday invitation)

And most recently, 13.5 months old


Jeanna said...

awww i love window pictures! esp ones with the dogs! those are some of my favorites too! he's so cute!

Life with Pog said...

Jake looks like such a big boy!

Jenn said...

As if the pictures aren't cute enough, he's also wearing a button down like he's going into the office! Love it!

Team Clancy said...

AWWWW! He looks like a little man in the last one!

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