Monday, March 30, 2009

OMG, it's Mike Clark!!!

If you're not from Pittsburgh (and maybe if you are) you're probably sitting there saying "who??" Mike Clark is a news anchor for one of the local radio stations and is a bit of a celebrity around does a news anchor become a celebrity, you ask? Because of people like my mom :) My mom loves WTAE (aka-Channel 4 Action News Team) and often speaks about them in every day conversation as if they were real life friends. An example:

Mom: So Kelly was talking this morning about her dogs and they did the funniest thing....
Me: (running through my mom's list of friends & not coming up with a Kelly) wait, mom...who is Kelly?
Mom: know. Kelly Frey....on Channel 4.

Silly me.

Back to the story...Jake's school had a "Spring Fling" event tonight that showcased their artwork from the past few weeks, had a bake sale, etc...and promised a Book Reading by a local celebrity. We were hoping for maybe a Steeler, but I must say, I was pretty excited to see Mike Clark since I knew my mom was such a fan. Much to Brian's dismay, I marched up to him after the book reading, introduced myself and asked if he would mind posing for a picture with Jake. I'm happy to report that he was more than happy to do this, had Jake slap him high five then asked if he could hold him....he wasn't even fazed when I told him Jake might rub snot and drool all over his nice suit :)

I thrust my kid into the arms of a stranger, look of terror on his face, while I dug around for my camera. It's not the best picture, but I was bound & determined to get the shot:

"MOOOOOOOOOM!! I don't care who this man is & how much G.G. loves him, get me away from him!!"

Overall, a successful night. I managed to get the picture to show my mom & get Brian out of there before he started quoting parts of the "Anchorman" movie. I could tell he was just dying to start saying things like, "I look good...I mean realllllly good." I am proud that he managed to control himself, very impressive.


Lisa said...

Jake's face is precious!! Hope your mom appreciates the trauma your son went through for you to get the photo for her :)

Jeanna said...

hahhaha your mom stories are soooo funny! that is awesome you got to meet one of her 'friends' in person!

DrDrama said...

That is awesome.

Amanda said...

That is so funny!

(and I should come out and confess to having former WTAE meteorologist Don Schwenecker's autograph!)

Life with Pog said...

That's awesome! I remember seeing Bob Pompeani at an event once. I was *so* excited but too embarrassed to ask for a photo or autograph.

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