Monday, March 2, 2009

What's New This Week

Jake is changing so fast, I'm having trouble keeping track of it all...I feel like I want to record every little thing along the way so that I don't forget about it, but I know that's probably not possible. So, I'm doing my best to put it on here whenever I think of them. New things this week:

*He says dog, which sounds like "doh" but we know what he means.

*He likes to climb onto and into EVERYTHING (ok, so he didn't actually crawl into the hamper himself, but it's a cute pic)

*He's started signing "more" for other things aside from food, mainly his books when we reach the end & he wants to hear it again. (we gave him some Motrin for his teeth last night & he signed "more" right after...I guess he liked the cherry flavor!)

*He's been practicing his "baby model lady killer" look lately. I think it's near perfection:

*His new favorite food is lasagna...he ate the same size piece as Brian the other night (and if you've ever seen Brian eat, his portions are not small!) then he was still eying up our plates.

*He knows what a truck is and will bring you one (or two, or three, or four) if you ask him.

*He can feed himself with a spoon if you fill it up and hand it to him, he almost always gets it in his mouth...he tries really hard to scoop up another bite out of the bowl, but doesn't quite have the scooping motion down yet.

*He can climb up our flight of stairs very quickly, he's like a little lightning bolt....and he's very proud of himself when he gets to the top.

*He's still my little mama's boy :)


Life with Pog said...

He knows how to do so many things! Wow!! He has to eat lots of lasagna to fuel that brain of his. Go Jake Go.

Team Clancy said...

I just love the pictures of Jake in his little green footie pajamas. I think when he outgrows them you should frame them because they are so darn cute!

Jeanna said...

I love Jake updates! Haha cracks me up he ate as much lasagna as Brian! So it sounds like now you know why he was waking up-more teeth! Oh Boy! He is adorable!

Valerie said...

Love the baby model pose. He's starting early. ;)

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