Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

While visiting my parents over the weekend, my mom was playing "Row Row Row Your Boat" with Jake (one of his favorite games) by singing and rowing while holding hands. Jake insisted on doing this for a long time (and would sign "more" if my mom tried to stop and grab her hands again) and at one point, we realized that he was singing along with her very softly...so we all got quiet to listen and sure enough, he was singing "row, row, row"! (ok, so it sounded more like "whow, whow, whow" but still!) Super cute and a proud mommy moment.

His words now include: ball (bah), mama, dada, dog (doh), bye bye, row (whow) and whoa. He uses the word "whoa" a lot and always in the right context (like if he pushes his car & it goes really far, his eyes get wide and he says "whooooa!!") I'm pretty sure he's saying "nana" for banana, but it's not all the time yet. He does know exactly what a banana is and will run to them an point if you even say the word!

We had a nice weekend visiting the fam....my mom turned the Big 5-0 last week, so we celebrated her birthday with dinner and cake. Happy Birthday Mom! :) (If you see my mom, tell her she looks more like my sister than my mom, it'll make her day!)

We had great weather on Saturday, so we were able to play outside for a bit...Jake enjoyed roaming the yard & getting to use the swing that's at GG & Pappy's house.

Gracie got a haircut...she was looong overdue and was quite the shagmuffin. Here she is, Extreme Makeover: Gracie Edition.

We were also able to visit our friends Jenn and Tim, who live in Washpa now as well. Jake spent the majority of the time terrorizing Jenn's dog, Noah.

While the weekend was fun, this upcoming weekend we have a lot on our to-do list trying to get started spring cleaning!!

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Life with Pog said...

Jake's singing sounds adorable! You'll have to get that on video. :) Love Gracie's springtime haircut!

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