Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Steelers Fan Blitz 2015

Melissa and Dennis received tickets to the Steelers Fan Blitz since they are season ticket holders; they couldn't use the tickets and were nice enough to pass them along to us, so we headed down to Heinz Field on Saturday!  We had never been to this event, but we would definitely go back in the future!  First of all, we couldn't have asked for a better day...it was sunny, temps in the mid-70s with a slight breeze blowing all day.  Perfection.

 Also, there was soooooo much stuff to do.  So much that we were there from 1pm-6pm and we still didn't get to do everything!  The first thing we did was get Jake registered for a football skills session they were doing on the field.....he was in heaven:


Video (he caught it!!):

While he was at the skills session, Liam was on the other side of the field doing his own kind of practice:



After Jake was done with his skills session, we all met back up and Jake and Brian faced off in this thing:


And I positioned myself to be the #1 draft pick for next season:

check out that form!
Jake pretended to be Big Ben:

We saw Mr. Rooney coming through the field:

 Then we paused for some selfies:

"Mommy, I will only take a picture with you if we make kissy faces...like this"

Selfie break over, time to hit the locker room! (side note-we had to wait in the tunnel area for a few minutes before going into the locker room...Liam took advantage of the acoustics in there and started a "here we go steelers" chant....I'm pretty sure Brian had tears of pride in his eyes)


We took a break for a few minutes in the stands:


Then we headed inside to check out the rest of the fun.  The kids were ecstatic to find bouncy houses inside:


And Brian was ecstatic to find all 6 trophies on display inside:


And I was ecstatic to find a photo booth complete with goofy props:

After we checked out the inside stuff, we headed back onto the field to kick some field goals (everyone but me, my flip flops did not seem like a safe choice for field goal kicking).  Move over, Suisham, these boys are vying for your job!!

We decided to call it a day after that, we had 2 very happy but very tired kiddos.  One couldn't make the walk back to the parking lot and then fell asleep within a minute of being in the car:


The other kid couldn't wait to tell his friends all about his "big day at training camp"!! 

 Here we go Steelers! :)

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