Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A perfectly balanced weekend

Do you ever have those weekends that end up being close to perfection?  Where you feel like you were super productive but also got to enjoy some time with your family?  I feel like sometimes those weekends are often we are just running in circles around each other, taking kids here and there (sometimes separately), and trying to cram in a weeks' worth of work into 2 days of a weekend.

But that wasn't the case this past weekend, and I was so grateful for that!  Friday night, Jake had a baseball game...I forgot to get pictures but GG and Pappy were able to come and the boys did a great job on the field!

Saturday morning was a divide and conquer kind of morning....Jake and Brian had baseball pictures followed by a practice starting at 8:15am; Liam had t-ball at 10.


We met back at home and all had lunch together, then headed back out for the Steelers Fan Blitz, which I posted about here.  That night, we pretty much all crashed by the time we came back home and threw something together for dinner...but it was so nice to spend the whole afternoon together.  No other work, no distractions.

Sunday morning, we headed to church and it was nice and warm out already when we came out of Sunday School, so the kids hit the playground there for a little bit before we headed home:

We headed home and started to tackle the giant pile of mulch that had been delivered on Saturday.  Remember my post from last week about how Liam refuses to change out of whatever clothes he started in for the day?  That was the case again on Sunday....who wouldn't want to spread mulch in their church clothes??


Shout out to the boys for their behavior on Sunday....I posted not too long ago about how I was losing my mind sometimes with their fighting, but on Sunday they were angels.  Once the excitement of mulch spreading wore off, they entertained themselves and each other all over the yard....riding bikes, playing on the swing set, digging for worms (gag), and playing spies with their walkie talkies.  They were being so good that Brian and I had time to take a break partway through the day and challenge them to a hockey match!

We didn't get all of the mulch done, but we put a really good dent in the pile.  We grilled dinner, ate outside on the patio, and enjoyed some homemade milkshakes for dessert.  Everyone was disgustingly dirty and incredibly exhausted by the end of the day (my arms are still sore!), so I would say those are signs of a fun and productive day. 

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