Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Liam!

Dear Liam,

4 years and 1 day ago, you were still in my belly as I sat holding your daddy's hand, listening to a doctor explain to us that even though it was over 3 weeks early, having you was the best option at that point.  We were scared and excited, all at the same time.  It turns out, we had nothing to be afraid of, as you came into this world just fine...perfect just the way you were at that moment. We were amazed by how...well, how ready you seemed to be there with us.

Now, here we are, 4 years later, and we are still amazed by you!  You have grown into such a kind and caring child.  You may be stubborn and frustrating at times (as all preschoolers tend to be) but you also have a heart of gold, and would give a hug to everyone you come across if you could.  I often have other moms stop me at preschool to tell me that it makes their day when they drop their own child off in the classroom in the morning, and see you them coming and go running over to pass out hugs (you are an equal opportunist, too, you hug both the kids and the moms!)

You are thriving in school; you can write you name, you know your ABCs, all of your shapes, identify nearly all of the letters, and you can count to 20.  You have one more year of preschool, and I know you will be more than ready for kindergarten when the time comes (even if I'm not!)

You love to play outside, but you also really love art projects and coloring.  Your favorite shows right now are Paw Patrol, anything on Disney Jr, and you love to watch some of your big brother's shows, like Ninjago :)

Speaking of your big brother, the two of you are inseparable sometimes, and even though you may fight and argue at times, you really are the best of friends.

Liam-3 days old, Jake - 3.5 years old

Liam-11 months old, Jake-4 years old

Liam-15 months old, Jake-4 years old

Liam-18 months old, Jake-4 years old
Liam-2 years old, Jake-5 years old
Liam - 2 years old, Jake - 5 years old
Liam- 3 years old, Jake- 6 years old
Liam- 3.5 years old, Jake- almost 7

Liam, it's been so much fun to watch you grow into your own person.....I know 4 is going to be a great year for you, and we are so excited see you grow even more! 
just a few hours old :)

6 months old
1 year old
18 months old
2 years old
2.5 years old
3 years old
3.5 years old
allllllllmost 4 years old :)
Happy birthday, Liam Joseph!  We love you very much!! 

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