Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

While the weather wasn't the best we've had (we went from nearly 80 degrees last weekend, to 30-something degrees this past weekend...say what?), we still enjoyed ourselves.  Baseball started back up for Jake a few weeks ago, and Friday night was his first game.  Where I was sitting was not really conducive to getting pictures, so I only snapped a few, *sadface*

Saturday morning, both boys were scheduled to have games but Liam's was cancelled due to the cold temps, so we were all able to go to Jake's.  He moved up a league this year (7-8 year olds) and it's the first year that they do both outs and strikes, so it's definitely an adjustment, but he had a few good hits and kept his chin up when he did strike out, so we were super proud! 

Everyone was pretty wiped on Saturday afternoon, and we had plans that evening with some friends, so I told Jake he needed to take it easy for awhile while Liam napped and I got some stuff done around the house.  My little book-loving heart skipped a beat when he said, "Ok, I think I'll read my new book for awhile" and picked up the Magic Treehouse book he'd checked out of the school library.  He's been independently reading for awhile, and he will do it on occasion, but it's usually something more that I have to suggest he's been amazing to see his reading progress over the past few months.

Gracie doesn't have to be told twice to get some rest:

After another late night at a friend's house on Saturday, the boys both slept in on Sunday, woohoo!  Once we all got up and got moving, we headed to church....both boys were looking particularly handsome, so we paused in the driveway to snap some pics before heading out:

I can't look at this shot without laughing, it's like he's auditioning for the next "Zoolander"!!

 After church, the boys played outside until lunch while I ran to the grocery store.  Their differences crack me up sometimes; if Jake isn't already wearing "comfy clothes" (aka-athletic pants or shorts and a tshirt) he immediately wants to change his clothes (I'm actually shocked that he left on his church clothes this week, at least until they went inside), while Liam is the total opposite...once he's dressed for the day, that's it!  He's in those clothes, even if they are dress pants and a button down shirt...while riding a power wheels.

some signs of spring at our house!

After naptime, we headed to a park near our house that has a trail with a waterfall...the highlight for the boys, as always, was launching rocks into the stream. (we finally talked Liam into getting out of his church clothes for this adventure!)



Hope you had a good weekend, too!!

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