Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Great Outdoors

Ahhh....spring....the period of time when I actually can't get enough of being outside due to going stir crazy in the house for so long in the winter.  Soon enough, I'll be whining about the heat and humidity and my allergies, but for now, I'm enjoying our time outside!  It was a long winter, with most likely too many movies and too much time spent playing the Wii or building whatever is built in it's nice to have the boys tripping over each other to go play outside every chance they get!

They both got skates/rollerblades from Santa and have been chomping at the bit to test them out.  

They were excited to get out the hockey equipment, too:

Last Sunday ended up being a perfect day, around 70 degrees and SUNNY.  We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves.  Brian was trying to gather up the leaves that somehow seem to have materialized on our patio over the winter (how does that happen??) and the boys wanted to "go exploring" in the woods behind our house.  Off we went.  No one got their eyes poked out with a branch OR came home with a tick.  WIN!


 Fallen tree balance beam:


Jake had been going back and forth about wanting his training wheels off of his bike.  We probably should have taken them off last summer, and in fact, we did a few times, but he always wanted them put back on and we caved.  He clearly didn't need them, but I'm sure the security of having them on there was what drew him back to them.  This year, we ripped off the bandaid.  Brian took them off, handed him his bike and informed him that they wouldn't be going back on.  As you can see in this video, he definitely doesn't need them anymore:

My daredevil, Liam, asked to take his off, too.  Gotta keep up with the big brother!  We told him he had to wait just a little bit longer :)


Hope you've been enjoying spring, too!! 

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