Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter Recap!

Yeah, yeah,'s 2 weeks later.  I know.  But we did have a nice Easter!  I saw this image on pinterest and it made me giggle:

image courtesy of

Liam's school was doing their Easter lunch the Wednesday before, so being Liam, he picked out some fancy clothes for himself:

The hat.  The bow tie.  The hands in the pocket.  I love it all!!

Easter weekend, we went to my parents house and the boys got outside for a bit to practice baseball with Brian and Pappy:


Nana and PopPop had sent some gifts for the boys, and Liam was excited to do some painting....please note Gracie, the art connoisseur, overlooking his work:

"The use of your blended colors is just exquisite" ~Gracie

The next morning, the kids were thrilled to discover that the Easter bunny had made an appearance overnight to hide some eggs and baskets.


The rest of the day was spent passing the time until DINNER!  The boys played with their new stuff, Liam built puzzles, and Jake built some Legos.  Unfortunately, I took zero pictures of dinner or anything after, but it was delicious! 


We hope you had a great Easter, too!!

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