Monday, December 9, 2013

Not *quite* our Griswald Family christmas tree, but perfect nonetheless.

When we first got married and started buying live Christmas trees, I was used to a somewhat smaller version of a tree than Brian was.  My trees were modestly sized, while the ones Brian was drawn to looked like they came straight from a forest and had been growing for 100 years.  The very first year we went to chop down our own tree, I couldn't believe how big it was once we got it home.  But then a funny thing happened....I grew to love that giant tree. 

It's now become a running joke between the two of us; Brian finds these gargantuan trees, I make Christmas vacation-related jokes about how it wouldn't even fit in our yard, let alone the living room. But secretly, I love the big full trees.  :)  This year, we didn't have luck finding a huge tree as we've had the past few years so we had to settle for what is probably a normal size tree, but we love it anyway. 

We changed it up a bit this year and went to Reilly's Farm to get our tree; we had been to this farm before, but only for fall-related activities.  Their Christmas set up did not disappoint!  If you were buying a tree, you were not charged extra for the activities, which included a visit to Santa's workshop, hot chocolate/coffee, cookies, roasted marshmallows, followed by a hayride around the farm with Santa! 

show me your antlers!!

Time to head home and decorate!

"Great job, keep up the excellent work, everyone"

The finished product:

We hope your Christmas preparations are going well!

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Sara said...

What a beautiful tree. And I love your haircut too.

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