Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lunch with Santa

Our community center holds an annual lunch with Santa, which is where we headed last Saturday.  It's a nice event with lots to do for the kids.....food, cookie decorating, crafts, live reindeer, and of course...the man in the big red suit!  We started the day out with some crafts:
making door hangers
Jake colored a picture to give to Santa :)
Reindeer food....with glitter, my nemesis!!

Then we decided to check out the reindeer.  Liam loved giving Prancer some treats, but Jake had no desire to get quite that close and preferred to stand at arm's length for his picture :) 

But then the tables turned when one of the reindeer snorted very loudly right next to Liam's head...look at his face in this shot as he hides behind Jake....classic!!! 

Then it was the moment they had been waiting for....SANTA!!! 


Only one week left until Christmas....are you ready??

1 comment:

Sara said...

They are adorable!!!

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