Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Liam's 2.5 year check up and some general updates

Liam had his 2.5 year check up last week (no more shots until he's 4, woohoo!) and here are the stats:

Height: 37.25 inches (74th percentile)
Weight: 31 lbs, 12 oz (71st percentile)
Head: 50.5 cm (78th percentile)

So, he's a bigger guy (which we knew) but at least he's proportional! :)  It also explains why a lot of his 3T clothes fit him perfectly.  He has developed a new nickname in the past few months, we now refer to him a lot as "Little".  It started when one day, Jake was standing next to him and saying "I'm taller than you are, Liam...look, I'm big!" and Liam responded "You big, I the little!" and Jake started calling him Little.  It stuck after that, and now I feel it is one of those fun, ironic nicknames...you know, how they call the 6.5 foot, 250 pound guy in the bar Tiny?  :)  So yeah, Liam now has his very own bar nickname.

The rest of the appointment was fine, he is right on track for his age in terms of development.  His one remaining tube (left ear) is still in tact, so hopefully we can get through this winter without any infections and we'll be able to skip getting the right one re-inserted. 

The only issue he's having right now is some bad cradle cap that I just can't get to clear up.  We've tried all of the home remedies and we've tried Head & Shoulder shampoo, but no luck so far.  The doctor said since we've done all of that, the next step would be the pediatric dermatologist. Someone also suggested trying the Neutrogena T-Gel, so we're going to give that a shot before making an appointment for him.

He's full of words and many important things to tell you these days!  Seriously, sometimes the kid talks nonstop, it's adorable since it feels like not that long ago, he had so little things to say!  He loves to sing and dance (and eat, as evidenced by the stats listed above), and probably more than anything in the world, he loves his big bro.  His favorite shows right now are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Wild Kratts, and he's obsessed with all of the Christmas specials I've DVRd so far, his favorite being "Prep and Landing".  But the first Prep and Landing, not the second....that causes some fighting in our house, depending on whose turn it is to select the show.

He's been more into puzzles lately, he still loves to color and play with play doh (*shudder*).  He can count up to 20, though he will miss a number here and there sometimes, and he knows his ABCs, as well as all of the basic shapes and colors.   That's a wrap on this little cutie!!

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Sara said...

Great growing and learning, Liam. :)

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