Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Liam's Big Stage Debut!

This was the first year that Liam was able to participate in our daycare's annual Christmas show.  It's always a cute event, and I was really excited to see how he'd do on stage.  He had been practicing around the house for a few weeks now, and I knew one of the songs he would be singing was "Jingle Bells" in polish, but I wasn't sure about any others.  The main number for his class was O Tannenbaum, and he did a great job as a little Christmas tree!!  Here is the video, he's the third tree in from the left with the enthusiastic hand motions:

Once he spotted us in the audience, he spent most of the show trying to catch our eye and wave to us....super cute :)  Some pictures of the evening.....

all smiles up on stage!!
GG & Pappy were able to come to the show!

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