Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's Luau!!

This was our 7th Annual Luau, and it was another success! I shouldn't even post this for fear of jinxing, but we have yet to have a rainy day for the luau.  There have been a few times that it has rained in the morning, or even sprinkled or clouded over just before the party, but the party itself has always been clear.  This year was nice because it wasn't sweltering hot or humid, as it's been in the past.  It was a nice change. 

As always, some decor and food pictures!!

We were lucky this year that Aunt Amy was able to join us from Colorado!!

We then tried to get some family pictures before the madness of the party ensued, we didn't get too many.   One of these years, I'm going to hire a photographer! :)  I never get as many pictures as I'd like once people start arriving.

How obsessed are you with this hat?  Because I'm pretty obsessed.
Until next year, party-goers!

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