Monday, May 6, 2013

Take me out to Jake's ball game!

It started out a bit chilly and windy, but it ended up being a nice day for baseball.  I'm going to switch from calling it tball to baseball, because at this point, all of the kids on the team are doing such a great job they don't really need to use the T anymore!

Here's a video of Jake hitting the ball on Saturday:

Liam has been good and patient at the games, which helps tremendously.  I was very nervous going into the season that my time would be spent trying to keep him OFF the field, since he always wants to be doing whatever Jake is doing.  Sometimes he does put on his sneaky feet and try to join them out there, but for the most part, he's content to just sit in his little chair and stuff his face full of snacks the whole time.  His favorite part of the game is the very end, when one of the parents distributes the team snack....he's been lucky every week and offered a snack!

A highlight of the day took place after the game; daddy needed to run into Lowe's for a new shovel, so we were just going to stay in the car until we pulled in the lot & saw a huge fire truck parked!!  Daddy got out to see what was going on, then ran back to the car and reported that it was there for kids, they were giving away firefighter hats and letting kids climb inside!  Score!

Liam was totally auditioning to be a new member of Run DMC in that outfit.  Or a cast member of the Jersey Shore: 2.0.  I think he'd qualify for either one of those.

Someone was so obsessed with the new hat that he insisted on wearing it at lunch:

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