Monday, May 6, 2013

Helpers for hire!

Do you have a landscaping project you need help with this summer?  I've got just the person for you!

He may be small, but he does a great job!  Seriously though, Jake was actually a great helper on Saturday when we had a ton of mulch delivered.  It was the first year that his "helping" was an actual help, and not a giant mess maker :)  

GG was there for the afternoon, and she was a big help to have around since she was able to keep an eye on Liam so the rest of us could spread mulch.  Yes, even I helped to spread the mulch!! 

Excellent job, everyone.  Keep up the great work!  We'll supervise from here.

We rewarded everyone for their hard work that night with a trip to the ice cream shop!

Everyone had such a great time with the mulch on Saturday (HA!) that we decided to do the same thing on Sunday.

We're about 95% done with the mulching (had to call it quits early on Sunday, Brian wasn't feeling well), so all in all, a very productive weekend!

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