Monday, April 29, 2013

Past month summary

I don't know where April went, but I know that I barely blogged about it (sorry, I know you were all just waiting on the edge of your seats!)  So, here is a quick recap of what's gone on with us in the past month.

After The Incident, we successfully finished up swim lessons (without further incident), and I think they were successful.  I mean, he still can't swim, but that wasn't really the objective anyway. I think he learned some good basic skills and we'll see what happens over the summer.  Our preschool director, Ms. Diana, was nice enough to come on the last day to see the kids.  It makes me so happy that she cares so much about these kids that she's willing to take time out of her own schedule to come cheer them on outside of preschool!!

Ms. Diana, Maddie, Jake, Colin, Mason

We had visitors in our street from these crazy big turkeys (there were 5 total) They provided a solid 20 minutes of entertainment for the whole family.

Gobble, gobble.  we're taking over your hood.
We started up tball again, and I will admit that the first 2 weeks were a NIGHTMARE as far as weather.  The first game was about 30 degrees, windy, and it drizzled rain.  Liam literally cried himself to sleep because he was so cold, and I don't blame him-I felt like crying!!  The next week wasn't much better (there were snow flurries) so GG was nice enough to stay home with Liam and I went to the game, bundled up like an Eskimo.  You APRIL.  But alas, this week was so much better!!!

Other than that, our weekends have just been spent outside when possible, playing and cleaning up the yard!  We're hoping to get mulch spread potentially this weekend and next, that way it will be done by mid-May to do some planting!!

this was Liam's first time behind the wheel--I love the look on Jake's face.  Classic!!

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