Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Reviews: Starstruck (Lauren Conrad) and Distant Shores (Kristin Hannah)

I feel like I've been in a reading slump lately.  I read (and reviewed) The Baker's Daughter, which was really, really good.  Then I moved on to Starstruck by Lauren Conrad (better known as LC from The Hills); which was a nice, fluffy read (exactly what I needed after reading a book about the Holocaust).  If you get irritated with books that are mindless drivel, this probably isn't the book for you.  But if, like me, you need a break every once in awhile, and enjoy a book that you don't have to think about while reading, you'd like it!

 I had been on the waiting list at the library for a Kristin Hannah book called Distant Shores.  It came in, and I was excited because I've read a few of her books before and enjoyed them all (particulary Firefly Lane), but this one is just not doing it for me.  I'm halfway through and decided to quit reading it this morning...and it takes a lot for me to quit a book, especially halfway through!  It was just....depressing.  There is simply no other word for it.  And I realize the irony of saying that I loved a book about the Holocaust, but then complaining about the next book being too depressing to read.  But there are simply no redeeming qualities to this book; it's just depressing, and the main character is whiny, and her husband is a complete tool who I want to slap through the pages.  Done.

So, I'm moving on!  I just started Jennifer Weiner's Then Came You, so we'll see how that goes! 

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