Monday, February 11, 2013

School progress reports

Every few months, daycare sends home a progress report of sorts, detailing information about the kids development and what they've been working on in school.  I figured I'd share some quotes from the most recent reports for each of the kiddos:


Jake loves to play outside and in the playroom.  He can run, hop, kick a ball, and throw a ball very well.  He can walk around the balance beam completely unassisted.  He is able to manipulate scissors, pencils, and crayons well. 

Jake can write his name, recognize letters of the alphabet, and count past 20.  He is able to distinguish between letters and numbers, and can match numbers 1-10 to their corresponding sets.  He is a very hands-on learner, and understands concepts the most when he is actively engaged.

He is very social and loves to tell stories.  He is receptive to new people and situations.  He is a good friend to others, and is able to listen quietly when others are speaking.  He speaks in complete sentences and uses a variety of vocabulary words.  He's interested in new words and learning reading concepts, and he's beginning to be able to read small sight words.  He is an active listener to stories, and can then answer comprehension questions orally. 


Liam is able to go up and down stairs unassisted.  He is starting to walk and run with increased coordination, speed, and balance. He drives a push car by moving his feet.  Feeds himself with no problems.

He is able to wash his hands with adult help and completes other short tasks with assistance. Completes familiar puzzles on his own.  He enjoys music and uses body movements to respond.  Liam has a strong interest in art projects.  He is able to build a small tower with blocks and can imitate simple actions, gestures, and words.

Liam is very social, and plays very well with his peers for his age.  He smiles a lot and is very content.  He is able to make simple choices when presented with the opportunity, and actively responds to requests for action, such as clapping in songs.

Proud of my little guys!! :)

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