Monday, February 25, 2013

Gwacie, bwankie.

Gracie was snoozing away in her bed this morning (she's on a schedule where she is awake for approximately 15 minutes, then needs to settle in for her first morning nap); Liam noticed her there and said, "awww....Gwacie!  Seep (sleep).  Bwankie?" and looked at me.  I told him to go ahead and put the blanket on her; he proceeded to take about 2 minutes to spread it out juuuuuuuuust so.  I told him that was very nice and I'd like to take a picture:

After I took the picture, Liam came running over and said "Yeee-am (Liam), Gwacie, pee-chore" and plopped himself down in the next shot :)

1 comment:

JCHokie said...

I can't take the cuteness of Liam wrapping Gracie up then wanting a pic. OMG!

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