Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little again

Conversation in the car the other day: 

Jake: You know what guys?  I wish I was little.  I wish I was still a baby.

Me: Why is that?  Then you wouldn't be able to do fun big boy things!

Jake: Because if I were little like Liam, then I could be his best friend.  

*insert heart melting into a puddle here*  

Of course, we explained to Jake that they can certainly still be best friends, even if they aren't the same age.  And we would obviously love for that to be the case for them.  I can see them in the stands, cheering for each other on the field, or the stage, or wherever life takes them....then being each others best man in their weddings.  Silly to think so far ahead?  Probably.  But it's definitely on my mommy wish list.  

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