Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You can't go back.

Are there times in your life that you look back on and think to yourself, "no...I can't go back to that place, I just can't bring myself to do it"?  You know, like the days before cell phones and DVR?

I feel the same way about my Kindle.  Which is surprising, because I resisted this newfangled gadget for a long time, wanting to hold on to my good old-fashioned books.  A big reason for this was because it was a rare occasion for me to actually buy books, I relied on the library for nearly all of my reading.  (I worked at our local library in high school, did you know that?  It was my very first job, I loved it, and have always felt a sense of loyalty to the library system) On top of the sense of loyalty, I'm also cheap frugal; the thought of forking over $10+ for a new book makes my stomach turn.

Fast forward to Liam being born, and my awesome coworkers decided to give something to ME for my hard work of giving birth...they went with the Kindle because of the new library-sharing capabilities it would soon have (and knowing about my frugal ways, gave me an amazon gift card so that I could buy books in the meantime)

So now, I'm at another one of those places in my life...a place where I look back on the past and wonder how I ever survived.  How did I lug a hardback book with me everywhere I went?  How did I manage to make the 1.5 block walk to the library every other week or so to drop off one book and pick up another?  How did I endure multiple paper cuts over the years from turning the pages too fast in my excitement to continue the story? 

I hope that the library sharing system continues to evolve and include more books, but it's been great so far (if you look at my list of books I've read from June 2011-present, nearly all of those have been from the library.  I think I have purchased 3 books from amazon, and one of those was part of their monthly special for 99 cents).  There's no going back now!


JCHokie said...

It's funny you posted this... I'm actually on my way to the library today to renew my card. I've bought WAY too many books on my Nook and I'm trying to cut back. It's an expensive habit! I have a membership to the Philadelphia library to their ebooks collections but I've grown very impatient and don't like waiting for books. So I'm trying to find a happy balance between my Nook books and library books! BTW, you have to read The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy. Excellent read.

Sara said...

I restisted for a long time, too, and I also received one as a gift. I wasn't sure I loved it, but I do. In fact, when I got my iPad, I forwarded the Kindle on to another skeptic who is now hooked! My librabry just got on board with the e-books, and it is so awesome. I like reading classes, and there are so many free ones available. Awesome!

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