Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do you have a dollar to spare?

If so, I know of some kids who could really use it.  They are the kids who are suffering from lymphloblastic leukemia.  It is the 13 year old, waiting on a liver transplant. They are the siblings of these children, who spend days, weeks, months at a time at the hospital, hoping for their brother or sister to get better.

If you have anything you can give....$1, $10, $ will help make the time those children have to spend in the hospital a little bit brighter.  The money at this particular time will go toward iPads, Xboxes, and  KINECT systems at both Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and the pediatric unit at Allegheny General Hospital, as part of the Make Room for Kids Project, which you can read more about (and make your donation!) here:

And you can read more about the beginnings of the project here:

In total, they have raised over $86,000 from donations and corporate matching and have provided countless gaming systems, games, laptops, TV's and more.  While our stay at Children's Hospital back in July for Liam's viral meningitis was nowhere near anything like what these children and parents are going through, the hospital now has a special place in my heart. Not just because of the wonderful care that we received from everyone, but because of what I saw while I was there.

Liam had to have a spinal tap (twice), and I am not ashamed to admit that I'm still traumatized by the whole procedure (and I wasn't even in the room, but unfortunately could hear it anyway).  I think back to that with a lot of sadness, then realize that some kids are getting that done on a regular basis.  While I was in the hallway, trying so hard to not hear my baby cry while getting that procedure done, I saw a little boy getting prepped for radiation treatment.  He was wearing a steelers cap over his bald head, and his mother was standing beside his bed, holding his hand while a nurse talked them through what was going to happen, starting off with, "So I know you have the hang of this by now, buddy...." 

There are children there enduring the same thing every day.  Children who can't even leave their rooms at the hospital, let alone play with their friends or go to a playground.  So go!  Donate!

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jpournaras said...

Thanks emmy! I dont follow that blog but going to donate now!

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