Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, why hello there.

We're still alive!  Barely.  This blog has been majorly neglected recently, but I'm out of the kids-are-sick haze that I've been in for the past week or so.  Liam had a double ear infection and pink eye (ick!), then (of course) Jake got pink eye, too.  Liam was so miserable, he was up all night for days.  Oh, and did I mention that Brian was out of town for all of this?  Good timing for him, terrible for me! 

Fortunately, my mom was able to help out (THANK YOU, GG!) otherwise I can guarantee that I would have lost my mind.  Liam had his 9 month check up (I know, 9 months!  I'll do a full post on that later) and they rechecked his ears; one had totally cleared, the other was still infected.  Boo.  He has 2 more doses left of the Augmenten (I have no idea if I spelled that right--it's also absolutely nasty tasting and he hates taking it, can't say I blame him) so hopefully that other ear will clear up soon. 

Jake's pink eye is now cleared up as well....have you ever tried to put eye drops into a 4 year old?  It's kind of like wrestling a rabid monkey.   An alarmingly strong monkey.  2 grown adults pinning him down, and somehow he still rallies enough strength to avoid getting the drops IN his eye. 

I promise to catch up on posts's easier for me to blog now that my hands aren't raw from sanitizing them 9,856 times per day. 

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Sara said...

Oh wow... that sounds terrible. :( I hope everyone stays healthy for a long, long time!

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