Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potty Update


I am so happy to report that when I picked Jake up from school on Thursday, he nearly plowed me over when he saw me & yelled "I WENT ON THE POTTY, TIME FOR CHUCK E CHEESE'S!!!!!!" The kid forgets nothing. I verified with the teacher and yes, he had gone to the potty!! I had to explain to him that we would go the next night, because daddy wanted to go with us (Brian gets out of work early on Fridays), and Jake seemed fine with that. He went at school again on Friday, so it was off to Chuck E. Cheese's for us that night!

The good thing is, Jake is a really cheap date at these kinds of places...his interests include climbing through the tunnel maze & going down the slides (free), sitting on the rides without them moving, he doesn't like it when they start to move (free) and watching other kids play games (free!).

He had a great time, and Brian & I survived a Friday night there. He went again at school yesterday with no bribery involved this week, so hopefully he'll keep up the good work!!

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