Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mommy & Jake's DAY OF FUN!

Bonus points to anyone who knows which 90's sitcom that line is referencing....

I had the day off on Friday (thank you, Pitt spring break!) and declared it "Mommy & Jake's DAY OF FUN". After realizing in the morning that we were not snowed in (thank you for a completely wrong forecast, local meteorologists), I told Jake that our plans for the day included Jumpin Castle. We got dressed and headed out, only to arrive to a sign that in inclement weather, they would either open at 11am or close for the day; this was at 10am. *sigh* At this point, I have a kid who is crying crocodile tears & saying "I wanted to jump!" and a mommy who is irritated by the fact that they are even opening late (did I mention that we really didn't get much snow??) and doubly irritated by the fact that their voicemail says nothing about whether they will close all day or open at 11.

Fortunately, I remembered that there is another jumping place in the same area, so after a quick call to daddy to get the address, we headed there (Jake was sniffling in the backseat, I was silently praying that this place be open) Bounce U saved the day!! Crisis averted!

We came home & had lunch, Jake took a nap while I caught up on some trashy TV (oh, how I've missed you, Real Housewives of Orange County!), then we spent the afternoon doing Jake's favorite activities...books, puzzles, cars and playing restaurant.

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Beth, Dave and Cori said...

I was thinking of you guys Friday morning. Jumpin Castle follows the Seneca Valley school district scheduled I believe, and they had a 2 hr delay. I wondered if it impacted you - glad Bounce U came through!

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