Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I present to you....

....Jake's new room!!

The only thing we're missing is the wall decal I ordered from an Etsy seller; it just came in the mail yesterday so we have to figure out how to put it on the wall. A big thanks to my mom & dad for coming up & helping us move the furniture & get the room ready!

Vinyl Wall Art - Safari Square Blocks-AC111

The first thing Jake did when he saw his new room was jump on the bed. Go figure.

The first thing Gracie did was jump up onto the bed & enjoy the new view of the street.

The first test with the new bed was nap time; it took a little while (he clearly enjoyed the novelty of getting in & out of bed by himself for 40 minutes or so), but eventually he fell asleep & took his usual 2 hour nap. We expected bedtime to go in a similar fashion, so we started the bedtime routine early...but we were pleasantly surprised that by 7:30pm (30 minutes early!) he was in bed, snuggled up and we were able to say goodnight, turn the lights out & didn't hear a peep from him! That was Sunday night; he did try to get out of bed last night, but it only took one time of putting him back in, so that wasn't too bad.

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