Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too cool for school.

You may remember from a previous post that we were pretty nervous about switching daycares when we moved...we loved our old daycare and we knew that as a creature of habit, Jake might have a hard time adjusting. But, we had to do it, so we said a weepy goodbye to his old school, friends and teachers and made the transition.

I'm not going to was AWFUL the first few days. Awful as in, lots of tears (mine and Jake's), sobbing hysterically and pleas of "mommy, don't leave me!" on day one of drop off. UGH. But, day by day, it's been better. I dropped him off one day this week & he even said "I excited to go to school!" What a change from last week!

His teachers assure me that even if he's a bit upset at drop off, he's fine within minutes and enjoys his day there. He's made friends with a boy named Thomas, who he talks about at home. He is also a huge fan of one of the teachers, Miss Rachel, and they seem to spend a lot of time together during the day. Miss Rachel told me the other day that Jake is the best listener in the class & there have been a few occasions where they've used him as an example ("boys and girls, do you see the way Jake started cleaning up as soon as we asked? What great listening!") While hearing this surprised me (since he seems to practice a lot of selective hearing at home), it of course, made my day. Proud mama moment!

Here's his "first day of school" picture, all ready to go with his lunchbox!

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Michelle said...

So glad it's working out now! If it makes you feel better, Amelia is a stellar listener at school, too--and even helps clean up toys all the time--uh yeah, don't really see that at home:) Anyway, I'm glad he's got his groove back and new friends to boot!

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