Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bathroom Break

I interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging session to present to you....our bathrooms. I don't believe I posted pictures of them on here before because, well....they're bathrooms. I don't feel there's much to show off at this point; however, we have plans! (By "we" I really mean "I", but "we" have to be involved to actually DO said plans that I have made)

We have a powder room on the first floor that currently looks like this:

You probably can't see too well, but the walls are a light purple, all of the accessories are gold and there's a huge mirror. I'm confident that by putting up a fresh coat of paint, getting new hardware/faucet in a dusted bronze and replacing the big, boring mirror with a nice framed mirror, this bathroom will take on a whole new look (for not much money-BONUS!) I've been looking for some inspiration and enjoy this color scheme (from Bower Power blog):

Next up, we have a guest bathroom/Jake's bathroom upstairs. Currently, it looks like this (minus the wall decor, these pics were taken when the owners stuff was still there):

The walls are a very light blue (which we'll keep), all of the hardware is already silver (so we won't be changing anything major)...but I can't figure out what I want to do with the rest of the bathroom and all of the accessories. Thoughts on color combos that would look well with blue walls and that floor? I think it's the floor that's throwing me off....earthy tones, plus the blue walls make it hard for me in envision anything. All suggestions are welcomed!!

Next up, our master bathroom. I don't really have a picture to post of it, but currently, it has more gold accessories, an oak vanity, a HUGE medicine cabinet, an ugly lighting fixture and yellow walls. My plan? Overhaul on a budget. Paint the vanity white. Replace the obnoxiously large medicine cabinet with something smaller. Swap out the knobs and faucet with silver instead of gold. Replace the lighting fixture, possibly with something simple like this from Home Depot: (only $30!)

For paint, I'm leaning toward a light green (since the rest of the room will be white, I want a color that will pop)...and we have some Behr's Mother Earth paint leftover from our old kitchen.
Behr Mother Nature Paint

So there you have it, my plans for the bathrooms. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!

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