Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed out to the other end of the state for Memorial Day; a close friend of Brian's was getting married (congrats Dylan & Jamie!) and we were able to spend a few days with Nana & PopPop.

On Friday, we visited Nana at the preschool where she teaches...Jake was happy to have a lot of toys to play with and he fit right in with the class. At one point, Joy (the other teacher) told all of the kids that they needed to clean up and find a square on the floor to sit on. Jake was just visiting & didn't have to do that, of course, but he said "Ok" and put the toy away that he was playing with, marched right over to the floor and found a seat, then waited for his turn to be called into line.

Friday night brought the rehearsal dinner and a crisis. I was completely ready for the rehearsal, I just needed to put my clothes on; I go to retrieve my outfit from the closet and start to panic when I don't see it in there. After interrogating Brian about the outfit's whereabouts, I discovered with horror that he had left it behind. Hanging on the door. Where all of the other clothes to bring along had been hanging as well. :-/ GAH! Fortunately, he did redeem himself a bit by thinking to call Joy (Sally's coworker, mentioned above); Joy lives just up the road and was nice enough to drive down a huge stash of clothes for me to choose from. Phew, crisis averted! In case you were wondering, Brian did remember to bring both of his suits, his shoes AND his golf clubs. He's lucky that he's such a good husband and I can find the humor in these sorts of situations to be able to forgive him :)

The wedding on Saturday was a blast, and Nana & PopPop had a great time hanging out with Jake both Friday & Saturday night. (He did give Nana "the lip" when it was bedtime on Friday, but other than that, I think everything was fine)

On Sunday, we met up with some friends at a playground in the morning (see previous post re: mud puddles) and that afternoon, we went to a party at Brian's BFF's parents house. The Easterlys had a ton of fun activities for the kids, including finger painting and a pool. We literally had to drag Jake out of the pool after a few hours, the little fish would have stayed in there all night if we had let him.

As always, the weekend went by too quickly and the next thing we knew, it was Monday already, time to pack up & leave. Oh but wait...what's this? It was ridiculously hot by 9am and Brian decided to hop in the pool to cool down before our drive and Jake wanted to join in the fun. We made a slightly later departure, but that's ok. Here he is enjoying himself, with Gracie keeping a close eye on all of the activities:

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Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Jake is so agreeable! I love how he was going with the flow at the pre-school! Awesome. He is so cute, Emmy!

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