Friday, June 4, 2010

A Buggy Friend

Jake found a small bug crawling on the floor the other day (I'm not sure what it wasn't a spider or centipede, so I didn't scoop Jake off the floor & run away, screaming in horror) He decided the bug was his new friend. How do I know this? Because he kept saying "Mama, look! A bug! My fwiend!" Then he picked the bug up & was carrying him around. Until he accidentally smooshed him and ended his life. Oops.

However, Jake had no idea that the bug was no longer a living creature, so he continued to carry him around. At one point, he put the (dead) bug very gently on the kitchen floor, went over to his sit & spin and said "Watch me, bug! I spin!" then went back over, picked up Mr. Dead Bug and said "You see that? I spin!"

Fortunately, we had to eat dinner after the spinning show and I convinced Jake that Mr. Dead Bug needed to go eat with his family, so we "released" him onto the front lawn.

It was a beautiful friendship while it lasted.


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

very sweet and funny! Better than how Cori reacts - she steps on any bug she sees and laughs. I've convinced she is going to grow up to be an exterminator!

Lisa said...

He is just soooooo sweet...even if he did accidentally kill his friend :)

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