Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Designed to Sell: Pittsburgh Edition

First, I guess this is me coming out of the closet and announcing to the blogger world that we are, in fact, getting ready to sell our home. (This is where I go and cower in a corner and quiver with nervousness at the thought of buying and selling at the same time)

Now that I'm officially out, I can tell you that we have been doing some little improvements here & there to our home, in an attempt to make it drool-worthy to potential buyers. This will start a series of posts with the improvements that we're making along the way and our progress on the home buying process.

I'll start with some pics of the house before we bought it and some of the changes we made when we moved in. Let's start with the outside, shall we?

Here is the before:

And after! Painted the door and shutters, ripped out all of the dead/overgrown bushes, tore down all of the ivy, planted new stuff.

And here's the back of the house before (those 2 huge things in the 2nd picture are rhododendron bushes growing in the MIDDLE of the yard)

And after! New patio installed, new landscaping, no more steroid-induced bushes. Look! There's actually grass underneath those things! And a neighbor's house behind us!

Moving inside, here is the kitchen before:

And after! New paint (Behr's Mother Earth), new flattop stove

Dining Room before:

After! Behr's "Toasted Oat" paint, new light fixture

Bedroom #3 before:

After! Painted the room (can't remember the color) and Brian pulled out the carpet & finished the hardwood floors underneath:

Those are some of the major changes we had made within a few months of moving in. Stay tuned for more updates!


Mommy Relcuk said...

Good Luck! Here's to a lots of showings and a quick offer!

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

You have done a great job! I wish the commute from my house to Oakland didn't suck, because there is a house on our circle you could get for a steal!! Good luck!!

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