Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silent Night

I promise to blog fully about Christmas soon, but I had to make a quick note first about one of the festivities of Christmas Eve...due to Jake's bedtime, we were unable to attend church that night. Not wanting us to feel deprived on Christmas Eve, Nana Sally decided that we should start 2 new traditions....the first was that we would all state some of our favorite memories of Christmases past (which was very nice and no one got injured...unlike the 2nd new tradition)

The next activity was that we would have our own candlelight service to "Silent Night" Nana Sally busted out some candlesticks and put the classic Mariah Carey Christmas CD in. We dim the lights, light our candles and press play on the CD player....a nice thought right? All was fine (aside from the sarcastic remarks and eye rolls from Brian & his sister) until the wax from the candles started dripping down onto bare hands (so that's why they always have those paper things on them at church!). These injuries caused people to say things that were not very Christmas-y while they yelped in pain.

Lessons learned from this experience:
1. Always provide some type of protective covering to candlesticks
2. Try to find a short version of "Silent Night" (Mariah Carey's version might be the longest silent night EVER)

 A painted hindsight gloves a chocolate past the hungry plastic.


Michelle said...

LOL...I can just imagine the eye rolls that would happen in my family if someone suggested this! I'm glad you guys learned a lesson or two! hee, hee.

K,S,M and R M said...

Haha! How funny! (no offense!)

Melissa said...

hahahaha! I love it for 2 reasons: a) I love Sally's good intentions
b) I love that Brian and Amy are always annoyed with her good intentions!

Donna said...

The two shortest versions of Silent Night I have on this computer come in at 3:08. One is Sarah Brightman, the other is Jewel. The longest I have is the Temptations at 6:05.

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