Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Holiday Card: The Outtake Reel

You know how sometimes in movies, the best part about it is the blooper reel at the end? As cute as our "good" holiday pictures of Jake turned out, I have to admit that I LOVE the outtake shots that we got.

"Awww, how want me to pose in nothing but my diaper and a Santa hat? OK! Oh and a Christmas ornament? Score!"

"What? You don't want me to eat this?? But it's sooooo good! Nom-nom-nom-nom"

"Ok, I'll sit in this chair & look really cute. I won't try to eat the ornament and I'll even give you a nice open-mouth smile."

"Ok, I'm done...I'm so over this sweater vest!!"

"No, I'm serious....take this ridiculous looking outfit off NOW!!"

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!!! :)


K,S,M and R M said...

Great pics! And the sweater vest is awesome!

Team Clancy said...

Love the ones of the Santa hat and diaper. They look professional!

Jeanna said...

That is hilarious! He is so cute and that sweater vest is adorable!

Valerie said...

Those pictures are priceless. You can embarrass him someday with them. ;)

Merry Christmas!

DrDrama said...

These just make me smile.

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