Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wii UNfit

Part of Brian's birthday present was a Wii Fit. The good news is, he loved the gift...the bad news is, we learned just how out of shape I really am. You have to register your Mii and go through a few questions and fitness/balance tests to determine your "fit age"...my fit age is 47. I'm 27. Excuse me while I go hang my head in shame.

To add insult to injury, once I signed my Mii off and my sister-in-law signed hers back on, a message popped up for her that said something along the lines of "Emmy sucks and should be humiliated by how out of shape she is...please try and motivate her, she obviously needs all of the help that she can get". Ok, so maybe those weren't the exact words, but it was something harsh like that!
I think I'll be sticking to Mario Kart, that's my favorite game anyway...and it doesn't require getting off of the couch.


Donna said...

I have been everything from 20 to 60 instead of my actual age of 27. It can change from day to day, I see that part only as fun not really all that useful. It is also quite interesting to watch your BMI change from day to day based on what you have been doing. Although it is really disturbing to see that according to it I am a mere two pounds away from being obese.

Don't overdo it on the hula hooping! The super hula hooping totally kicked my butt the first time I did it!

An interesting part that you may have seen is it tells you when a day is a registered Mii's Birthday. That was neat when we found that out, because it came out on my birthday and that was the day we got it.

K,S,M and R M said...

I had a lot to catch up on. You are so funny about the Wii and the message. haha. The luau looks like a great time, and I'm so happy "mama" was the first word. YAY!!

Shelly said...

Ha ha!! The message to your sister (exaggerated or not) is hilarious! I hate when my computer thinks it knows more than me!

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