Monday, August 25, 2008

Outdoor House Updates

Brian has been slaving away on the outside of our house for the past year and a half. He was "that guy" that you'd see out there uprooting trees with his bare hands, spreading mulch like his life depended on it and planting flowers in the pouring down rain. But his hard work has paid off! the previous owners had pretty much let everything go outside (ie-did absolutely nothing at all in the years they lived there) so Brian decided to rip mostly everything out and start over. Here are some before and after pics:
Before: ugly shutters & door, overgrown half-dead bushes
After: fresh paint on shutters and door, ripped out all of the dead bushes, new plants
Before: the owners must have loved to watch ivy consume their house, more overgrown half dead bushes growing alongside the driveway

After: peace out, ivy! new flowers and plans along driveway.

Before: gazebo with ripped canopy top
After: new gazebo frame and cover, Brian leveled the sidewalk in front of the gazebo and put down new stones
Before: backyard, where the owners thought it would be a good idea to have HUGE bushes growing right smack in the middle of the yard (yea, those things that look like trees are actually BUSHES. in the middle of the yard.)
After: Brian ripped out all of the trees, planted new grass and built a retaining wall on the bank going into the backyard.
Before: patio area that was made up of wood chips and a huge playset (which we sold on Craigslist, go us)
After: had a patio installed, put plants in on the bank


JCHokie said...

Wow, Brian did an awesome job! What an amazing difference. Will he come to our house too?

K,S,M and R M said...

It looks awesome. We need landscaping help. Please send Brian!! :) Our stuff is all ripped out, but we need help deciding what to put back in.

Jenn said...

Wow, looks great!!! How the heck did Brian know how to do all of that?!?! I'm impressed!

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