Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Snow Days--hopefully the last!!

Just when we thought we had turned a corner, and the calendar flipped over to March...and I think we were all hopeful that winter was behind us...BAM!  We got hit with a snowstorm.  OF COURSE WE DID.

On Thursday, March 5th Jake had his 2nd school cancellation of the year (the first was due to frigid temps back in February), and Liam stayed home with us too.  We did what I'm assuming most people do on snow days....we stayed in our PJs and decorated for Easter and made Easter crafts.

The rest of the day consisted of Legos, puzzles, games, coloring, and movies.  Pretty much the perfect snow day.

Can't stop, won't stop....building puzzles. 
That weekend we headed outside for what was (most likely---hopefully) the last run on the luge for the season.

Decided to test out the slo-mo option on my phone when taking video that day, here is the result:

 And the next day, to officially round out winter, Brian took the boys skiing.  We've had some fun times in the snow (times that even I was able to pull myself together and have fun with little whining!) but I am so ready for spring at this point.  Peace out, winter!!

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