Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disney on Ice 2015

After really enjoying ourselves at the show last year, we decided to get tickets again for Disney on Ice and give them to the kids as Christmas presents.  (and I was able to score great seats super cheap for opening night again, woohoo!) 

don't mind the photobomber right behind Jake, really enjoying her food! 
 The theme for this show was "Pirates and Princesses" and while the kids both loved it, I have to say that I didn't love it *quite* as much as last year.  I just felt like last year there was a much bigger variety of characters.  But like I said, the kids didn't seem to care (aside from Jake waiting and waiting for Peter Pan to come out...he never did....sad face on that kid!)...and the last portion of the show was "Frozen" so they were all about that! 

look at that little face!!

PS-apparently Jake has reached the age where it's embarrassing for your mother to sing along with things in public. He did NOT appreciate my rendition of "Let It Go". 

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