Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ice Skating Date

Jake loved when he and I went ice skating last year, and I had promised him we could go again this year.  Well, days turned into weeks and weeks into months, and winter temperatures into arctic temperatures and here we were mid-March with no ice skating to show for ourselves all season.  I realized last weekend that it was the very last weekend our outdoor rink would be open (and it also happened to be a kinda-sorta warm 40 degrees and sunny) so we headed out!


He was cracking me up before we even made it into the rink; we got there just before they opened up the afternoon session and had a few minutes to kill.  I told him I wanted to stand in the sun to stay warm and he said "Oh, no problem mommy...I'm going to hold my helmet like they do on Star Wars and pretend that the shadows are Storm Troopers".  Well, ok then!

We hit the ice once the session was open, and other than a few short breaks here and there, didn't stop for about 2 hours.  My legs were screaming the next day, but somehow Jake seemed completely unaffected!  He had a great time, and did really well for having not been for a year.  Video:

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