Monday, February 9, 2015

Welcome to our new luge resort!

Looking for a weekend getaway, filled with adventure and fun?  Look no further backyard!!

We have a pretty sweet hill for sled riding, but the only issue with it is that one of three things can happen once you get going:

1. You stop safely at the edge of our yard (obviously, this is the ideal situation)
2. You do not stop at the bottom of our yard, and continue over a small hill and end up in our neighbor's yard
3.  You start to turn at the bottom of our yard and end up in the driveway/up against our fence

Last weekend, Brian decided he was going to remedy the fact that 9 times out of 10, situation 2 and 3 were happening in our backyard.  He went out with a shovel and started to build a luge. I must say, the result was pretty takes a lot to get me out in the snow (and even more to make me want to stay out there)...and I was out there last Sunday for almost 2 hours, waiting patiently for my turn to go down the luge course like a kid!  Here is a video of the action:

The first day on the course was Super Bowl Sunday; as I said, I was out for nearly 2 hours, the boys came in about 20 minutes after me for lunch.  After Liam's nap, we had multiple requests from the neighbors to come try it out, so the boys and Brian went back out that afternoon until the super bowl started up.  Jake then asked to go to bed at 6:10....I consider that a weekend win!

Brian was very concerned that it would melt over the past week, since we've had a few days of warmer temps.  It didn't melt, but it did get pretty back out he went to groom the course.  Don't worry, it was still functional as of Saturday afternoon!  Here they are again:

So for those of you in our area, admission to our luge resort is free, though cupcakes and starbucks as an admission donation will never be declined.  Any use of the luge is completely at your own risk; resort owners cannot be held responsible for any injuries or trauma that may occur. Bring your own helmet and sled, inflatable tubes seem to work best, as we discovered the hard way that using plastic saucers result in something a bit like this scene from "Christmas Vacation":

What do you do to survive the long winter months?

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