Monday, February 9, 2015

Amy & Ben's Wedding Day

I posted a very tiny preview awhile back about Aunt Amy and Uncle Ben's wedding day, with the promise of more to come....I'm finally getting around to doing just that with their gorgeous pictures!

All pictures are from Daniel Moyer Photography; if you're in the Philly/NJ/Eastern PA area, this guy was fantastic!!

The ceremony took place in the church that Brian and Amy grew up going to (and where my mother-in-law currently teaches preschool), and it was gorgeous inside, I especially loved the petal filled aisle.

Jake and Liam were both ringbearers; to be honest, I was more nervous about Jake making it down the aisle than I was Liam.  Jake gets a bit anxious in situations like that, whereas Liam just doesn't care.  What I didn't take into account was the fact that the ceremony started at 2pm; for a child who is still heavily reliant on his afternoon naps, that time of day becomes very dicey and unpredictable.  Sometimes he can rally just fine, others he's a mess.  Unfortunately, he turned into a bit of a mess that day.

We were all getting ready to head down the aisle and I told the boys to line up right in front of Aunt Amy and PopPop; at rehearsal the night before, they went down the aisle together.  As I'm getting them in their spots, Liam said he wants to walk by himself and he wanted to go last.  Fine.  Then I realize that he means in, behind the BRIDE.  Um, no, kiddo.  By this time, it's getting very close to being my turn to go so I turn to the pastor in a slight panic and tell him I'm not sure that the little one will make it down the aisle.  He told me not to worry about it, he'd take care of him.  I assume this meant he'd take him through a side door and drop him off with my parents or Brian's forward to a few minutes later, the music changes, the gorgeous bride steps through the door, tears are falling....and then you see Liam turn the corner right behind Aunt Amy.  Yep, he got what he wanted somehow, and brought up the end of the bridal train!!  I don't think Amy even realized he was behind her until they stopped and he had to figure out how to get around her dress.  Oh, Liam. So Jake definitely surprised me and did a great job...he took it very seriously as you can see from the picture above :)

The ceremony itself was beautiful, we're so happy to have Ben in our family!

Once again, No-Nap-Liam made for a bit of a difficult time in trying to get some pictures at the church post-ceremony; thank goodness for a great photographer who let them have some fun with the petals, finally getting some smiles out of Liam!!

A huge thank you to my parents for taking the boys in between the ceremony and reception, and to my dad for sitting in the car with a sleeping Liam for almost 2 hours so that he could rally for that evening!!  It made a HUGE difference and he was ready to go for the party! 

After leaving the church, we got some more pictures....isn't Amy just stunning??  Ben looks handsome too, of course...but the bride!!

Time to head to the reception!  Amy put a lot of work into the details of the wedding, and it showed!  Everything pulled together so nicely, the room looked gorgeous:

Brian gave a speech that was just the right combo of funny and heartfelt; I know everyone at our table was laughing and tearing up over his tribute to his sister and new brother-in-law....

Next up....PARTY TIME!!  The dancing endurance shown by our kids was astounding....they were out there shaking it pretty much all night!!!



About halfway through the reception, Jake declared he was exhausted.


After peeling him off of the ground, we made a little makeshift bed out of 2 chairs pushed together and he did rest for quite some time.  Then, he seemed to get his second wind and it was back to the dance floor for him!!! 

The kids got a kick out of the many, many, many layers of Amy's dress.....

I love that in addition to the awesome dance pictures, the photographer also captured some really sweet moments:

It was definitely a day that we will all remember, and we were so happy to have been a part of it. 

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Jennifer @ Also Known As...the Wife said...

Congratulations to Amy and Ben! She looked absolutely beautiful and that picture of the boys under the tulle is awesome. Make sure you bring that out in a few years. :)

The photographer was hard working, all of the pictures are great and seems to capture ALL the action.

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