Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh, I just can't wait to be THREE!!

Liam turned 3 last month, but due to a bunch of other obligations and out of town trips, this was the first weekend we had a chance to actually celebrate.  We haven't started friend parties for him yet, so it was just going to be us and the grandparents over, but that little boy was set on having a Lion King birthday party (although that was a last minute change, he had been asking for Frozen for months)  As timeless as the Lion King is, it's not super popular right now, so I couldn't find any plates or decorations or anything, so I had to improvise with some stuff found on Pinterest. 

the sign says "Remember Who You Are"

I printed off some coloring pages, Liam made a little masterpiece:

And I found him this adorable Lion King shirt clearanced at Children's Place...little guy, big roar!

Nana and PopPop had brought a street hockey set that the boys opened the night before, so there were family games of hockey taking place at the party:

Nana joins the game

Pappy and PopPop get in on the action

Doesn't he look so grown up here??
We decided to make it easy on ourselves and order the always delicious taco party pack from Mad Mex...it was a hit, and it was nice to just be able to sit around and relax with the family instead of manning the grill or preparing sides.

After dinner, it was time for Liam's favorite part of any party...the cupcakes!!

After that, he opened some fantastic gifts (thank you, everyone!)

Happy birthday to our little lion!! :)

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Sara said...

What an awesome party!

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