Friday, June 6, 2014

Liam's 3 year check up

It was a few weeks late, but yesterday was Liam's 3 year check up. Drumroll for the stats, please...

Height: 38.5 inches (73rd percentile)
Weight: 33 lbs ((63rd percentile)

Looking back at Jake's 3 year check up, he was 37.5 inches and 30 lbs, so Liam definitely still has a little bit of height and weight on him :)

Everything else was good, he amazed the doctor as usual with his talent of holding perfectly still like a statue during the exam, not flinching at anything that's done to him.  While I'd love to think that it's due to an awesome parental upbringing, I think the truth is that he's in it for the free pretzel and sticker he gets on his way out of the office if he was well-behaved during the visit. 

His left ear tube is somehow still in place (he lost the right one a year ago) so I guess it's still doing its job.  He had one ear infection in recent months, but it was in the right ear so at least there's still one tube in there. 

He's been transitioning into the preschool room over the past week at daycare, and he's set to go there full-time next week.  (*GULP*)  Some days this week, well...let's just say he wasn't thrilled with heading over there even for part of the day.  He adores his teachers in his current classroom, and repeatedly tells us that he doesn't want to leave them.  The other day he went over (after throwing a massive fit in the morning over it, the kind where he turned his entire body into a noodle and collapsed on the floor in a fit of his own tears.  Parents, you know what I'm talking about) but once he got there, the teachers said he did a great job and wasn't upset at all.  As I was buckling him into his carseat after school, I said "So I heard you had a great time at preschool today!  Are you excited to go back tomorrow?"  His response was a deadpan "No, mommy.  I am never going back there again". 

Well then....

The other aspect of his transition is that they expect him to be potty-trained for preschool.  Thus far our level of success there has hovered somewhere around a zero.  Ok, ok, so maybe not that bad...but not good.  He can go on the potty.  Sometimes he does it.  But more often than not, he simply chooses to not do it.  I'm pretty sure he's been using it as a stall tactic because he told me that if he didn't go on the potty, they wouldn't move him to preschool.  Therefore, I'm hoping that two things happen next week: 1. he realizes that he's going there, regardless of the potty status and he will just cave in and start doing it and 2. that he's inspired/motivated/peer pressured into going once he's over there since pretty much every other kid will be potty trained.

Fingers crossed for me, please.

Our little 3 year old monster!

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