Friday, October 18, 2013

Liam's report card

Daycare does a progress report every few months on each child's development, behavior, etc....we just got Liam's most recent report (he's almost 2.5!!)  Here are some of the highlights:

Physical (fine and gross motor): Liam walks up and down stairs by holding onto the railing.  He loves to play on the playground.  He feeds himself with a spoon and fork very well, and drinks out of a regular cup without spilling.  He enjoys cutting paper and is skilled in that area.  He shows some interest in using the potty, and is able to wash and dry his own hands with little assistance. He can build a tower of several blocks. He is able to remove his socks and shows, but needs help putting them back on.

Knowledge and skills of math, science, and social studies: Liam enjoys stories and songs.  He can name and identify objects in pictures.  He is able to count to 5 consistently, and  up to 10 with some prompting. He knows most colors and some shapes.  He knows his ABCs.  He has started to sort shapes and colors with little assistance.  He enjoys browsing books on his own.

Social/emotional: Liam shows a lot of empathy and caring towards others; he will often comfort another child if he or she is crying or hurt.  Sometimes he finds it difficult to wait his turn or take turns, which is normal for the age range.  He is excited about the company of other children, but does often turn to adults for comfort and company throughout the day.  The vast majority of the time, he excels at obeying and respecting the rules of the classroom. 

Communication, Language, and Literacy: Liam forms short sentences, and verbalizes his needs throughout the day appropriately.  He uses please and thank you without reminders.  He knows his first and last name, and recognizes the faces and names of familiar people, objects, and body parts.  He seems to love music, singing, and dancing.  He follows simple instructions most of the time, though has his moments of not listening when he is intent on continuing to do what he is doing at that time.

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