Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Fun 2013

This post is basically going to be a large photo bomb of all of the fall fun we've been having :)  Two weekends ago, we went to visit Brian's family and managed to squeeze in a trip to the pumpkin patch:

Fall fun continued this past weekend, when we were able to make our annual trip to Zoo Boo with GG! Jake is hilarious; every single year, he is always more intrigued by the costumes of other kids than anything else.  Giant, majestic lions and tigers?  Rare breeds of animals?  Cute and cuddly penguins?  Who cares!  Captain America is at the zoo!  Oh my goodness, there are the smurfs! It's so cute, it's like he really thinks that all of the kids in costumes are celebrities. 

Another funny thing about that day: Jake's costume is Peter Pan.  95% of the people we passed thought he was Robin Hood.  By the end of the day, Jake just looked defeated and kept saying, "why do they think I'm Robin Hood??"  Poor kid, I was about to make a sign and stick it around his neck that said "I am Peter Pan!".  

I swear, Liam was more excited than he looks in this picture!
I want to break through that glass and steal the red panda, it is TOO.CUTE.

We hope you're enjoying fall!!

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Sara said...

Your family is just a big bundle of adorable!

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