Monday, June 24, 2013

Martini Family Lamb Roast

Summer always feels like it's officially here when the Martini family hosts their annual lamb roast party!  It also felt like it was officially here because it was close to the temperature of a sauna, but whatever.  There was a pool out for the kiddos, so of course they had a blast!!

Ben & Jake, cutest little BFF's around!!

I just realized that I didn't get any still shots of Liam in the pool...mainly because he was perfectly content to just hang out in one corner (away from the jumping kids at the other end) and entertain himself with a bucket.  But, at one point, he did decide he wanted to be like the big kids and try his best to run and jump in.  Here is the hilarious and oh-so-sweet result of that:

Go Liam, go!! :)

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