Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goodbye, preschool....hello, Kindergarten!!

While he will remain at the same center until kindergarten starts up in August, Jake officially graduated from their preschool program last week :)

Both myself and Jake were complete balls of nerves going into the big day; I was nervous that I would have an emotional breakdown in front of everyone, and Jake was nervous that he would forget what to do up on stage and he was scared to be up in front of so many people (his exact words, poor thing!)  But he did a great job!! He definitely was nervous, he had his hands up by his mouth as he was coming down the aisle (always a dead giveaway for him), but he seemed to relax a bit up on stage.

The ceremony was cute, they said the pledge of allegiance and sang a few songs. Here is a video of one of the songs:

 They have a teacher at the school who speaks polish, german, and russian, so the kids have been learning all 3 languages in preschool. They counted to 10 in all 3 languages, then sang the same song in all 3 languages as well!  It was very impressive.

They did a superlative for each child when they were called up to get their diplomas; Jake got most outgoing!!  He's come along way; this is the same kid that wouldn't talk in class or interact with any other kids just 2 years proud of his progress!!


They had each of the children bring a rose to their parents, as a thank you for the support in was very sweet!  Video:

 I made it nearly the entire way through the ceremony without tears (a miracle!); then, it happened.  The floodgates.  What sparked this change, you ask?  Sarah McLachlan.  It's all fun and games until someone shows a photo slideshow of tiny humans set to "I Will Remember You"

Speaking of tiny humans, there are so many at this school that we are going to miss next year.  We are very lucky to have become close with quite a few parents after so many years of the kids being friends.

After the ceremony, there was more picture taking (of course!), as well as cookie and juice consumption.
PopPop, Nana, Jake
Pappy, Liam, Jake, GG
"Please let us be done with the picture taking already!!"

And finally, some shots of the graduation packet that he received:

Happy graduation, Jake...we are so proud of you!  You're going to move mountains, kid!! :)

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